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Liposuction Results, Immediate And Long Term

Have you heard of it or considered it? Many patients rave stating that they are 100% happy with the results. It is currently the most popular form of cosmetic surgery. The procedure is done by inserting small tubes called cannula into fat cells and the cells are extracted. The procedure is performed with a local anesthesia.

The first step is to investigate surgeons and assure that they are board certified. If you have one in mind, meet with them and ask any questions and share concerns. You may want to meet with several surgeons before deciding on one.

Some patients mistakenly believe that the results will be immediate with no swelling and bruising which is not the case. While liposuction has been done safely and successfully, everyone is different and the surgery is not risk free. You will need to wear garments known for compressing the body and tightening the skin. They help reduce swelling and bruising.

The procedure involves injecting fluids into your body to break up the fat. The use of fluids made of a saline solution with make you look somewhat bloated and swollen. It may take a few days or weeks for the swelling to go down.

The overall final results will not be apparent for several weeks to months. The process is gradual and people respond differently to the surgery and to recovery.

Where the procedure is done will also determine the results. Most generally, the fatty areas such as breasts and butt are more successful than the face and neck.

Most generally after 8 weeks, most patients are completely healed and should not be suffering any problems or complications. However, if you are you will need to consult your physician or surgeon immediately. You should not still be bleeding and have a large amount of swelling.

The procedure is not meant to be a long term solution. It is recommended for patients who have specific areas of fat that traditional dieting will not help. Most generally, patients can lose up to 10 lbs from the surgery. Most generally there is minimal scarring because the incision is small. But, there have been specific cases where surgeons have removed hundreds of pounds of fat from obese people who have desperate health issues.

Make sure you are aware of all the potential hazards and risks. Consult your surgeon prior to surgery and discuss any questions or concerns. Take a moment to review your expectations with your surgeon so that you have a clear idea of the results.

Most people are pleased with the results even if they are minor. However, a minor difference can have a dramatic effect on self esteem and improving health and well being.

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