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Liposuction And Liposculpture

If you are considering liposuction you will want to get enough information on the subject as possible. Lipo comes from a Greek work meaning fat. Liposuction is just that, suctioning fat. Lipo sculpture involves contouring and refining of the body and removing fatty deposits. It is defined as sculpted because it is similar to the way artists sculpt and refine art.

Lipo sculpture is a more comprehensive treatment that generally results in more fat being removed. Also, surgeons pay closer attention to the overall appearance of the body to assure that there is minimal scarring and that the skin is smooth and is not pocked or marked.

Generally, the areas that are lipo sculptured would be larger fat areas such as the stomach, butt, arms and legs. The surgeon may want to pump up certain areas so that there are not indents or a concave appearance.

Most generally, ultrasound is used to help liquefy the fat cells so that they are easier to extract. This process can take place above or below the skin.

Another procedure known as the tumescent technique is done with more fluid which reduces the amount of blood loss and other complications such as swelling and bruising.

While lipo sculpture and lipo suction can dramatically affect the way you look, do not look for miracles. The results may vary depending upon your body type, age, and other variables such as smooth skin that has a high amount of elasticity.

Surgeons also recommend that you have minimal to no health problems both physically and mentally. The results may not be drastic or life changing but, most people are satisfied that their appearance has improved. Surgeons state overall, the results may not be seen for six to eight weeks.

If you have done your homework and have educated yourself about the procedure and the potential hazards and risks, you will be far better off.

Most generally, physicians recommend light exercise after the procedure such as walking to prevent blood clotting. However, strenuous activity is not recommended. Time is needed to reduce the swelling and bruising.

Keep in mind that you will not be immune from fat. If you do not change your lifestyle, the fat will come back or may increase in another area. This is largely dependent upon your metabolism and your diet and exercise routine, or lack there of!

You may see advertisements of life changing results however, these are the extreme and in most cases are nor realistic. The purpose of liposuction is to give you a jump start for target areas so that you can work to improve your overall health and fitness. So remember to keep an open mind and think realistically.

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