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Liposuction Procedure And Skin Elasticity

If you have taken good care of your skin and used sun block, then you will likely have a great deal of elasticity. If you are considering liposuction and you have a great deal of elasticity, your skin will look and feel better after surgery. Otherwise, you may have a baggy look. Likewise, the younger you are, your skin will have more elasticity.

Imagine if you lost a great deal of fat suddenly, can you imagine what would happen to your skin? The results are similar in lipo suction depending upon where you have procedure done. Most likely you will end up with an excess of droopy, rippling skin.

The abdomen is a point of contention for most people and there may a great deal of wrinkling after the surgery due to subcutaneous fat and scarpa fascia which is a deep fibrous layer.

One way to solve this problem is abdominoplasty better known as a tummy tuck. This procedure will remove excess fat. It will also tighten the muscles in that area. The effects are dramatic and will reduce the abdomen so that it is not protruding. However, you will be left with a scar across your abdomen from one side to another.

This procedure can enhance your appearance and self esteem but, it will not change your life. You still need to diet and exercise or you will gain weight again in the same area. Think realistically and discuss the procedure in depth with your surgeon.

This procedure helps tighten the stomach muscles and the rippling effect associated with it. It can also remove the excess skin from the liposuction procedure. The skin is cut from the abdominal wall.

You may only need a partial tummy tuck if the fat is located below your navel. A full tummy tuck involves the entire abdominal area up to your ribs. The muscles and tissues are tucked and stitched to strengthen the area and remove and rippling.

The next step is to stitch the muscles and tighten them. There are a variety of other procedures that can be done to lift certain areas and remove excess fat. Other lifts are to help with fat around the thighs and an extended tummy tuck which helps reduce fat around the back.

Any surgery involves risks and the possibility of complications such as blood clotting, swelling and scars. Smokers are asked to stop as smoking increases the risks of complications and slow healing.

Make sure you have met with the plastic surgeon and feel comfortable with his responses to your questions and concerns. Any surgery should be taken seriously and every precaution should be taken to reduce the chance of injury and complications.

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